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History of the Book lectures

CCHS and University Libraries collaborative annual lecture on the HISTORY of the BOOK

ann-blair-lecture_400x300.jpg2023-24—Ann BLAIR (Harvard U): “Amanuenses and the productions of texts in the Renaissance” on Tuesday, March 26 at 4:30 p.m. (reception to follow)

2022-23—Derrick R. SPIRES (Cornell U): "Reading William Still’s Underground Rail Road: Black Bibliography and the History of the Book Now” 

2021-22—Stephanie NEWELL (Yale U): "Ephemeral Texts and Local Creativity in Colonial Nigeria"

2019-20—Michael KELLY (Amherst College): “The Materiality of Native American Literature: Decolonizing the History of the Book”

2018-19—Matthew KIRSCHENBAUM (U of Maryland): “Codex Redux: The Post-Digital Book”

2017-18— Janice RADWAY (NU): “Girl Zines, the 1990s, and the Challenge of Historical Narration 2018-19"

2016-17—Eric SLAUTER (U of Chicago): "Walden's Carbon Footprint: People, Plants, Animals, and Machines in the Making of an American Classic"

2014-15—Mary KELLEY (University of Michigan): "'Talents Committed to Your Care:' Reading and Writing Antislavery in Antebellum America"

2013-14—Sven BIRKERTS (Bennington College): "From Tablet to Tablet : Migrations of the Word"

2012-13— Christopher A. REED (Ohio State University): "'Dukes & Nobles Above, Scholars Below': Remembering Beijing's Old Booksellers District, 1769-1941"

2011-12—Anthony GRAFTON (Princeton): "Humanists with Dirty Fingers: Renaissance Correctors and the Origins of Editing"

2010-11—Adrian JOHNS (U of Chicago): "The Invention of Intellectual Property"

2009-2010—Robert DARNTON (Harvard): “Old Books and E-Books”