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Welcome to our Multimedia site! Here you can watch recordings of ZOOM EVENTS taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-21—both CCHS events and the new History/CCHS series of roundtables for the History Department and invited guests, titled HISTORIANS @ HOME.

I.  ZOOM CCHS Events

Lara PUTNAM (U of Pittsburgh), author of Radical Moves: Caribbean Migrants and the Politics of Race in the Jazz Age (2013)

Reading: Lara Putnam, “The Transnational and the Text-Searchable: Digitized Sources and the Shadows They Cast”

Co-sponsored by the Medill School of Journalism. Watch at:

James MILLWARD (Georgetown University), author of The Silk Road: A Very Short Introduction (2013)
Erin McGLOTHLIN (Washington University, St. Louis), author of Second-Generation Holocaust Literature: Legacies of Survival and Perpetration (2006) and the forthcoming The Mind of the Holocaust Perpetrator in Fiction and Nonfiction (2021)

 II. Historians @ Home

You may also watch CCHS interviews with some of our guest speakers on why they study history and how they do their work. And you can listen to a CCHS podcast to learn what makes historians tick. The podcast series aims to demystify the profession for young scholars. Back to top