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Previous Conferences


2016 Conferences: "The Power of the Past: Myth Tradition and History" & " Intimate Histories: Intersections between the Global and the Personal"

2015 Conferences: "Insurgencies" & "Parks and Recreation: Histories of Leisure"

2014 Conferences: “The Law in Action: Re-thinking the Boundaries of Law and Society” & “Reputations in History”

2013 Conferences: “Cultures of Borrowing: Debt in History” & "Oceans of History: Connecting Spaces of Contest and Exchange"

2012 Conferences: “Crime and the Modern World” & "Histories of the Family” 

2011 Conferences: "Religious Identity and Political Conflict" & "The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Microhistory"

2010 Conferences: “Emotions As History” & “The Promise and Perils of Biography”

2009 Conference: "Manifesting Madness: Historical Interpretations of the Exceptional, the Marginal, and the 'Normal'"

2008 Conferences: "Environmental History" & "Reconstructing Social History in a Post-Structural World" 

Past Co-Sponsored Conferences