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Past Graduate Global Exchanges

2016-17 Global Graduate Exchanges with QMUL and HKU

  1. Alvita AKIBOH (4th year)—“Undoing Americanization: The Japanese Occupation in the U.S. Pacific”
  2. Kevin BAKER (6th year)—“Living with Limits: Asia Growth, the Club of Rome, and the Birth of Sustainable Development”
  3. Anisha BHAT (1st year)—“A Social History of Africans in Early Modern India: Race, Power and Love in the Making of an Afro-Deccani Social Identity, c. 1500-1700”
  4. Youjia LI (3rd year)—“The Flowing Cho: Defining Edo’s Space through Urban Transportation”

2015-16 International Graduate Exchange with the School of History, Queen Mary University of London:

A group of NU graduate students and Professor Henry Binford spent a week at QMUL for research and networking during Spring break March 20-27, taking part in the graduate conference" Negotiating Relationships: Analysing Connections (and Divisions)" on March 21.

QMUL School of History students and Dr. Christopher Moffatt come to NU from April 10-17, taking part in CCHS events, including the April 15 conference.

In London with QMUL March 21 conference on “Negotiating Relationships: Analysing Connections (and Divisions)”

In Evanston for April 15 conference on “Intimate Histories: Intersections between the Global and the Personal”

2015-16 International Graduate Exchange with the History Department of Hong Kong University:

A group of History graduate students from Hong Kong University took part in the April 1 conference at NU, while 4 graduate students and Prof. Melissa Macauley attended the annual History Symposium at Hong Kong University (May 5).

 In Evanston for April 1 conference on “The Power of the Past”

In Hong Kong for the May 5 HKU History Symposium

 2014-2015 International Workshops/Exchanges

International Graduate Exchange with Queen Mary University of London

March 14-22 exchange and conference--NU participants: Jessica Biddlestone, Kyle Burke, Ryan Burns, Ashley Johnson, Joel Penning, Keith Rathbone, and Emily VanBuren.
School of History, QMUL

NU students were paired with a counterpart sharing their interests at QMU for several days of collective events, with time also allotted to explore London’s academic and cultural resources independently. NU participants were expected to give a brief overall description of their research interests and to take an active part in exchange activities. Ryan Burns, Kyle Burke, Joel Penning, and Keith Rathbone delivered papers at the graduate conference “Crossing the Line: Exploring the Challenges of Borders and Boundaries” on Monday, March 15, while Center Director Sarah Maza gave a talk on “Writing History” (on her upcoming book) on March 17.

Hong Kong University History Department graduate Symposium, May 7, 2015

NU participants:

2013-2014 Global Exchanges: Warsaw, Poland and London, UK

2012-2013 Global Exchange: Istanbul, Turkey

2011-2012 Global Exchanges: Prague, Czech Republic; Dublin, Ireland; Rome, Italy

2010-2011 Global Exchanges: Sestri Levante, Italy; Rio, Brasil

2009-2010 Global Exchanges: Cambridge, UK; Trinity College Dublin in Evanston

2008-2009 Global Exchanges: Galway, Ireland; Munich, Germany