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Graduate Fellowships

Each year the Center has awarded full graduate fellowships to advanced students in the Department of History. The Center provides the stipend, while The Graduate School provides the tuition.  A faculty committee within the department selects these scholars. Recipients are ordinarily excused from normal teaching duties and are expected to organize a one-day graduate conference with an outside keynote speaker, as well as to help manage other Center activities (see I).

In addition, the Center collaborates with Evanston and Chicago institutions to provide History graduate students with paid summer research projects (see II). For PAST GRADUATE FELLOWS, please scroll down.


 To view the current Call for Applications, please go to Graduate Fellowship Application.

Center Graduate Fellows are known as the T.H. BREEN Graduate Fellows, in honor of the founding Director of the Center and eminent colonial American historian, Timothy Hall Breen. The Center also co-sponsors one QUINN Fellowship in conjunction with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation.

Starting this year for 2023-24, the Breen Fellowships have been updated to better reflect the work and needs of the Center—see the Call for Applications (CFA).

Please note that graduate fellowships cannot be awarded to students in their 8th year or later.  Therefore, applicants must be in their 6th year or earlier at the time of applying.

2023-2024 T.H. Breen and Quinn Fellows

T.H. Breen Graduate Fellows
CCHS Graduate Quinn Fellow

2022-2023 T.H. Breen and Quinn Fellows

Breen Conference Fellow: Claire ARNOLD—conference on “Commercial Networks: Connections, Conversations, Conflicts” 

Breen Digital Media Fellow: Emily LYON

Quinn Fellow: Matthew WONG  FOREMAN—dissertation on “Science and Security: Constructing the Modern Chinese Citizen, 1900-1966”


2021-2022 T.H. Breen and Quinn Fellows

Breen Conference Fellows:
  1. Chernoh BAH—conference on “Global Perspectives on the Prison and Systems of Punishment Across Time and Place from 15th Century to the Present”
  2. Guangshuo YANG—conference on “When They Became Pests: Social Othering of Human and Nonhuman Species in History”
Breen Digital Media Fellow:


Quinn Fellow in collaboration with the Doris G. Quinn Foundation

Lois HAO—dissertation on “Destined to Marry?—Marriage Renunciation and Reform for Women in Republican China”

 II. Summer fellowships

The CCHS is able to support summer research for graduate students working in non-profit public service organizations, such as museums, history centers, theatres, etc. We have had summer research projects affiliated with the Chicago History Museum, the Evanston History Center, Chicago Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Chicago theatres. We encourage Chicago/Evanston projects, but are open to projects in areas other than Chicago, as well as remote work on digital projects. If you have identified an organization for which you would like to work on a specific research project and need financial support, please contact us as soon as possible.

The months suitable for the summer fellowship are June, July, August, and the first weeks of September. The Center can offer several fellowships and will pay up to $3,000  as a non-taxable STIPEND (if the student is supported by Northwestern in the summer) or as taxable SPECIAL PAY (if without summer support from the university). The CCHS summer fellowship funds available would presume work @ $30 per hour, so a maximum of 100 hours over the course of the summer, i.e. some 25 hours/week for 4 weeks or 10 hours/week for 10 weeks. If you wish to do summer research for a non-profit public service organization and need support, let us know. Please send inquiries to Assistant Director Elzbieta Foeller-Pituch at as soon as possible. Summer fellowships are accepted on a rolling basis, with a deadline in mid May.

For the application, please provide the following:

  1. Current resume with contact information (email and phone #)
  2. Short letter (1-2 pp) describing the organization and the type of work, as well as the reasons for your wishing to work there and information on when you are available (planned dates of work)
  3. Short email statement of approval from your primary advisor
  4. Email message to from your planned supervisor at your designated organization, stating what work you will be conducting.

 Summer 2023 graduate fellowships

  1. Elizabeth BARAHONA—Chicago History Museum
  2. John Miles BRANCH—Shorefront Legacy Center (Evanston)
  3. Alexandra DE LEON—OBON Society (remote)
  4. Jose GALVAN MORA—Chicago History Museum
  5. Mila KAUT—Newberry Library (Chicago)
  6. Heather MENEFEE—DOI (Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye)
  7. Christopher MONTAGUE (AFAM)—Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  8. Victoria PHAM—Vietnamese Association of Chicago
  9. John POLLARD—Gerber/Hart Library and Archives (Chicago)
  10. Mary Kate ROBBETT— Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) in Springfield, IL (Sept.-Oct.)
  11. Kenneth SALTER— Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  12. Melody SHUM—FIT (Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief)
  13. Hannah SIMMONS—Feminist Campus Tour (NU Women’s Center)
  14. Mikala STOKES— Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  15. Marquis TAYLOR—Watch the Yard

Summer 2022 graduate fellowships

  1. Alison CHOI—Korean-American organization GYOPO
  2. Dexter FERGIE—Parkway Village Oral History project
  3. Matthew FOREMAN—Dui Hua organization
  4. Bennett HERSON-ROESER—Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture
  5. Caitlin MONROE—AHA project on “Teaching Things: Material Culture in the History Classroom”

 Summer 2021 fellowships:

  1. Hope McCAFFERY—Colored Conventions Project (CCP) with Prof. Kate Masur
  2. Mikala STOKES—Colored Conventions Project (CCP) with Prof. Kate Masur
  3. Marquis TAYLOR—Colored Conventions Project (CCP) with Prof. Kate Masur
  4.  Lois HAO—Chicago History Museum
  5. Alexandrea KEITH—South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC)
  6. Emily LYON—Rogers Park and West Ridge Historical Society
  7. Heather MENEFEE—Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye
  8. John POLLARD—Gerber/Hart Library and Archives in Chicago
  9. Melody SHUM—East-West Center in Hawaii
  10. Rita VELASCO—Arizona Historical Society (AZHS)

Summer 2020 fellowships:

Summer 2019

Holly DAYTON at Timeline Theatre (working on the play Oslo), Gideon COHN-POSTAR at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Guangshuo YANG at the Chicago Leather Archives and Museum.

Summer 2018

3 fellowships at the Chicago History Museum, working on online projects at : Alvita AKIBOH—on the Ferris Wheel and /or Union Station, Ryan BURNS—on the World’s Columbian Exposition, and Charlotte ROSEN— on the DNC 1968. 

Summer 2017

Beth HEALEY working on the Evanston Digital Newspaper project (for the Evanston History Center, formerly the Evanston Historical Society:, Yuri DOOLAN working oral history at the Chicago History Museum (, Gideon COHN-POSTAR and Ana ROSADO working on a Civil War theatrical project at the Chicago House Theatre (

Summer 2016

Bonnie ERNST working on the Evanston Digital Newspaper project (for the Evanston History Center), Bennett JONES (History) and Will CALDWELL (Religious Studies) working on oral history at the Chicago History Museum (Muslim Chicago project, Amanda KLEINTOP creating a Post Civil War Reconstruction timeline (for an exhibition on transitions after civil wars, set up by Art Works Projects for Human Rights in Chicago)

Summer 2014 and 2015

In the summer of 2015 Samuel KLING started the Evanston Digital Newspaper project, while Andrew BAER won a 2014 summer graduate internship at the Chicago History Museum, where in collaboration with the CHM and Google Cultural Institute he curated the online exhibit “Chicago 1968: Law and Disorder,” which presents photographs, primary documents, and images of physical artifacts related to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August 1968.





2018-19 BREEN FELLOWS: Kevin BAKER, Jessica BIDDLESTONE, and Aram SARKISIAN / QUINN Fellow: Keith Allan CLARK II;

2017-2018 BREEN FELLOWS: Ryan Burns, Bonnie Ernst, and Emily Curtis Walters / QUINN FELLOW: Alexandra Thomas;

2016-2017 BREEN FELLOWS: Michael Falcone, Mariah Hepworth, and Matt June / QUINN FELLOW: Yanqiu Zheng;

Grad Fellows 206-17 with Dirtector

2015-2016 BREEN FELLOWS: Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson, Nathaniel Mathews, and Sam Kling (digital and social media) / QUINN FELLOW: Teng Li ;

2014-2015 BREEN FELLOWS: Alex Hobson, Charles Keenan, and Keith Rathbone;

2013-2014: Andrea Felber Seligman and Jesse Nasta;

2012-2013: Neal T. Dugre and Michael Martoccio;

2011-2012: Teri Chettiar and Peter Thilly;

2010-2011: Theresa (Terri) Keeley and Andrew Wehrman;

2009-2010: Fernando Carbajal and Andreana Prichard;

2008-2009: Anne Koenig and Marygrace Tyrrell;

2007-2008: Laurence (Lonnie) Robbins and Strother Roberts;

2006-2007: Bettina Hessler.