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2023 Summer Fellows
  1. Elizabeth BARAHONA—Chicago History Museum
  2. John Miles BRANCH—Shorefront Legacy Center (Evanston)
  3. Alexandra DE LEON—OBON Society (remote)
  4. Jose GALVAN Moran—Chicago History Museum
  5. Mila KAUT—Newberry Library (Chicago)
  6. Heather MENEFEE—DOI (Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye)
  7. Christopher MONTAGUE (AFAM)—Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  8. Victoria PHAM—Vietnamese Association of Chicago
  9. John POLLARD—Gerber/Hart Library and Archives (Chicago)
  10. Kenneth SALTER— Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  11. Melody SHUM—FIT (Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief)
  12. Hannah SIMMONS—Feminist Campus Tour (NU Women’s Center)
  13. Mikala STOKES— Frances Willard House (Black Women of the WCTU)
  14. Marquis TAYLOR—Watch the Yar
Chabraja Postdoctoral Scholar in African Material History
Chabraja CCHS Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships
  1. Claire ARNOLD, teaching a History 292 class on the History of Western Marriage (Spring 2024)
  2. Colin BOS, teaching a History 393 class on Science and Decolonization (Spring 2024)
Chabraja Postdoctoral Fellowships in Public Service
  1. Chernoh BAH—at The Africanist Press
  2. Erica GILBERT-LEVIN (January through August 2024)—at the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, UIC)
  3. Gil ENGELSTEIN—at the Gerber/Hart Library and Archives
  4. Charlotte ROSEN— at Public Books 


T.H. Breen Graduate Fellows

Digital Media Fellow: Aisha VALIULLA, host of the CCHS blog Forays into the Past

CCHS Graduate Quinn Fellow

John SULLIVAN—dissertation on “Fractious Knowledge: Earthquakes and Engineering in Eighteenth-Century Italy and the Spanish Atlantic”

40 undergraduate Leopold Fellows
 CCHS Faculty TEACHING Initiative in curricular development
 CCHS Faculty CONFERENCE Initiative



Chabraja CCHS Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships
  2. Robin POKORSKI
Chabraja History Department Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships
  1. Marcos Leitão De ALMEIDA
  2. Andrea ROSENGARTEN (Fall 2022)
Chabraja Postdoctoral Fellowships in Public Service
  1. Ruby DAILY (online magazine Public Books)
  2. Guangshuo YANG (Chicago Leather Archives and Museum) 
CCHS Teaching Initiative

Prof. Ken ALDER and graduate student Colin BOS will develop a course on “The History of the Future” (for Spring Quarter 2023) 

T.H Breen and Quinn Fellows

 Breen Conference Fellow: Claire ARNOLD—conference on “Commercial Networks: Connections, Conversations, Conflicts”

 Breen Digital Media Fellow: Emily LYON

 Quinn Fellow: Matthew FOREMAN—dissertation on “Science and Security: Constructing the Modern Chinese Citizen, 1900-1966”

Summer 2022 graduate fellowships
  1. Alison CHOI—Korean-American organization GYOPO
  2. Dexter FERGIE—Parkway Village Oral History project
  3. Matthew FOREMAN—Dui Hua organization
  4. Bennett HERSON-ROESER—Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture
  5. Caitlin MONROE—AHA project on “Teaching Things: Material Culture in the History Classroom”

23 undergraduate Leopold Fellows



 Chabraja CCHS Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowships
  1. Bennett JONES
  2. Vanda RAJCAN
Chabraja History Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship

Aram SARKISIAN (working with Prof. Lauren Stokes)

Chabraja Postdoctoral Fellowships in Public Service
  1. Michelle BEZARK (Start Early)
  2. Gideon COHN-POSTAR (U.S. Congress)
  3. Ruby DAILY (Public Books)
Chabraja Newberry Library Postdoctoral Fellowship

Gabrielle GUILLERM (Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography)

CCHS Teaching Initiative

Prof. Benjamin Frommer and graduate student Katya Maslakowski develop a course on “A Global History of Prisons and Camps” (for Spring Quarter 2022)

Summer 2021 graduate fellowships
  1. Hope McCAFFERY—Colored Conventions Project (CCP) with Prof. Kate Masur
  2. Mikala STOKES—CCP
  3. Marquis TAYLOR—CCP
  4. Lois HAO—Chicago History Museum
  5. Alexandrea KEITH—South Side Community Art Center (SSCAC)
  6. Emily LYON—Rogers Park and West Ridge Historical Society
  7. Heather MENEFEE—Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakičhiye
  8. John POLLARD—Gerber/Hart Library and Archives in Chicago
  9. Melody SHUM—East-West Center in Hawaii
  10. Rita VELASCO—Arizona Historical Society (AZHS)
 T.H Breen and Quinn Fellows

Breen Conference Fellows:

  1. Chernoh BAH—conference on “Global Perspectives on the Prison and Systems of Punishment Across Time and Place from 15th Century to the Present”
  2. Guangshuo YANG—conference on “When They Became Pests: Social Othering of Human and Nonhuman Species in History”

Breen Digital Media Fellow: Gil ENGELSTEIN

Quinn Fellow: Lois HAO—dissertation on “Destined to Marry?—Marriage Renunciation and Reform for Women in Republican China”

23 undergraduate Leopold Fellows

Leopold Fellows Fall Tea