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Forays into the Past

Aisha Valiulla, T.H. Breen Digital Media Fellow, 2023-24

Welcome to the new CCHS blog! As I realized a while ago, historians are the closest thing to actual time travelers. This blog aims to take readers along our travels, not down the long and stolid hallways of rigorous scholastic debate and relentless intervening in fields, but the meandering pathways of the hilarious, the zany, and the absurd. Every month, I interview a member of our faculty and/or one of the Chabraja Center’s guest speakers about a fun story from their forays into the past. The result? An enticing window into a landscape of the minute, the everyday, and the human, into lives lived in contexts far (or barely) removed from ours.

Below, you will find each blog post as it updates throughout the academic year.